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1-day Online Workshop

  • In-depth description on how the wholesale ecosystem works
  • How to navigate your online business despite the pandemic
  • How to find suppliers
  • How to establish a solid monetizable relationship with suppliers
  • Effectively reaching out to your vendors
  • How to position yourself in multiple places within the ecosystem

Enrollment to the Amazon Reimbursement Program

  • Manual case creation and custom submissions,
  • Returns, Item Replacements, Return Policy Monitoring,
  • Missing Inventory, Overages, Shipping Damages,
  • Damaged Inventory, 15 Total Account Areas of Focus
  • 18 Month Initial Claw-Back Service
  • Monthly Reporting & Advice

List of 50 closeouts/wholesale companies

  • Vetted list of established companies

22-min video of how to build rapport

  • Real life Tradeshows scenario
  • Real examples of barriers in building rapport
  • Recorded from one of the in-person seminar

Supplier Finder (will be live on April 14th 2020)

  • Directory of 8,000+ Suppliers
  • Robust search engine designed for online sellers
  • Locate brands, manufacturers, distributors for merchandise

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