How to Sell on Amazon

You’ve made it. You’ve already taken the first step towards making money by selling on Amazon by clicking into our family here at Indo Trading USA.

We are a trusted wholesaler or wholesale vendor that specializes in selling on Amazon. We have a massive selection of quality products for you to choose from that are New, Like new, and Used for you to list on your Amazon store and turn a profit.


How Do I Buy Products from Indo Trading?

If you’ve been wondering where you can buy real products at a low cost to sell on your Amazon store, you’ve found your home. All of our members get exclusive access to trending and quality products stocked by us, and we have different memberships levels so that you can find the one that fits you. All buying happens online from our online portal that you are already on right now.


How Do I Make Money?

When you become a member with ITU (Indo Trading USA), you get access to our Deals Flow. The Deals Flow is our proprietary, tiered list of products with profit margins that differ based on your level of membership with ITU.

As a free member, you get access to the Featured Deals. These deals are products and items custom-tailored to the current Amazon market and they have a good margin for you to turn a profit. You can’t go wrong with these products, but if you keep reading, it only gets better.

If you sign up to be a paid member, not only will you get access to the Exclusive Deals, which are like the Featured Deals on steroids, you’ll also get access to our Secret Deals that don’t even appear on our website and that you can only get by personal email from us. Think of it like signing up to fish on your own private charter, in the most fish-rich area of the ocean, and you are the only one on the boat. Pretty tasty right?

If that wasn’t already sweet enough, you can even try out our paid memberships for free, for 3 days with a guilt-free, no strings attached, money-back guarantee.

Oh, and if you already have an Amazon seller’s account but you’re gated or have brand restrictions – don’t worry, sign up to be a Platinum member. As a Platinum member with ITU, if you are gated or brand restricted and can’t sell certain big name brands (like Adidas, Steve Madden, Michael Kors, Mattel, Kitchen-Aid), we have been in the business for so long that we can help you and request that you get ungated in a snap – just call or email us for an invoice. Amazon makes the final decision on who to ungate of course, but this is the closest you’ll get to a guaranteed ungating.

Indo Trading USA is the only source you need to make money by selling on Amazon. Call, email, or sign up for your membership now.